Covid Information

Current Guidelines from Bishop Bascom

Updated October 7, 2021

As often during the pandemic, the Bishop’s restrictions place parameters and if an item/practice is not specifically addressed, she asks clergy and lay leadership to make the best decision for your congregation in light of realities in your community context.

Based on feedback from clergy and medical advisors, we will be updating our EDOK COVID Tracker colors to be in line with how the CDC codes. A table is below describing the colors, or you can view the CDC website for a description of how they determine community transmission.

Summary of mask guidance October 8th forward:

  • High Transmission (RED): Masks are required for all in public, indoor settings.
  • Substantial Transmission (ORANGE): Mask wearing is encouraged for all in public, indoor settings, however local clergy in conversation with their vestries may decide.
  • Moderate and Low Transmission (YELLOW & BLUE): only unvaccinated people are asked to wear a mask in public, indoor settings.

Guided in conversation with health advisors, we are loosening two previous restrictions:

  • The diocese is no longer requiring tracked attendance or registration at worship and other parish events. Parish leadership may continue this practice if they desire.
  • Drinking from the common cup is still restricted but these are safe options for communion:
    • in one-kind (bread only)
    • intinction done by the Eucharistic minister and dropped into hands
    • use of small communion cups filled with wine that is blessed at the altar

Read the full announcement here.

The weekly online diocesan spreadsheet of Covid-related statistics, which has been kept county-by-county since November, will continue to be updated and monitored by diocesan staff with the new color coding described below.


Previous guidance that continues to be in effect:

  • As you are able, allow space for socially distanced seating for those who choose.
  • Masks are still required while singing indoors or outdoors.
  • Coffee hour and feeding ministry guidance from the Bishop’s March 11 communication remains in effect.
  • Young members of our churches currently are not eligible to receive a vaccine, and thus they continue to be at risk. The best way we can support families right now is by modeling correct and consistent mask use, so our youngest members can see the care and loving support of their church elders.
  • Continue to be mindful of those who are unable or unwilling to gather in person for worship, meetings, classes, Sunday school or youth group.

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