Mission & Outreach Task Force

The Outreach Task Force’s work is centered on helping members and congregations to follow the words of Jesus “to give” and to minister to “the least of these.”

People in this diocese already are responding by giving and serving in a variety of ways through feeding and clothing ministries, ministries to empower low income people to obtain employment and financial security, ministering to the mentally ill and addicted, as well as other ministries that work to meet the needs in our communities. Our local congregations work to serve and care for others. Along with serving, we are called to advocate publicly for the resources to feed and care for those in need.

The task force has created four teams to carry out outreach and mission to those in need.

  • Feeding ministries: Along with the various ministries that provide food and alleviate hunger, these ministries also provide clothing, blankets, and other essential items in response to needs in local communities.
  • Mental health and addictions: Providing advocacy and resources for education, awareness, and treatment for our parishes as well as the communities they serve. Utilization of many of the resources are provided through
  • Housing and job empowerment: Assisting those in need of obtaining affordable housing and advocating for decent, affordable housing in our communities. Providing employment, education, vocational, and mentoring opportunities to obtain meaningful employment and purpose in life. Ministries include representative payee programs and Women for Women.
  • Alleluia grants: This program provides matching grants to qualifying congregations in the diocese for one time and/or new outreach ministries and projects. The matching grant opportunity provides local parishes inspiration and the means to live out our Baptismal Covenant in new and exciting ways to those in need. 2021 grant applications are due September 1.

For more information contact co-chairs Deacon Fran Wheeler,, or the Rev. Mike Loyd,

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