Council of Trustees

The Council of Trustees is the governing body of the diocese between conventions. It also functions as the diocese’s Standing Committee.

Six members are elected at-large by Diocesan Convention, and eight members come from the convocations – one lay person and one clergy person from each. Terms are three years; members may serve two consecutive terms.

The bishop presides at meetings as Council chair. The president of the Council is the Rev. Casey Rohleder.

Minutes of the Council of Trustees meetings are available for download.

Current Council of Trustees Members

Including the year their term ends and in which term they are serving.

At-large members

Ms. Elizabeth Fitz Gibbon (2024-first term), email, (802) 989-8175
The Rev. Marc McDonald (2023-first term), email, (620) 794-5556
The Rev. Doreen Rice (2022-first term), email, (816) 918-4577
The Rev. Casey Rohleder (2024-second term), email, (785) 259-4672
Ms. Marilyn Trubey (2022-first term), email, (785) 234-0085
Ms. Diana Waddell-Gilbert (2023-first term), email, (316) 200-6265

Northeast Convocation members

Deacon Jim Cummins (2023-first term), email, (913) 706-1932
Mr. Richard “Dick” Wilson, Ph.D. (2022-first term), email, (913) 269-4704

Northwest Convocation members

The Rev. Greg Doll (2023-first term), email, (785) 562-5182
Mr. Larry Hannan (2022-first term), email, (785) 456-6621

Southeast Convocation members

Mr. Todd Allison (2022-second term), email, (620) 704-8828

Southwest Convocation members

Mr. Mike Morrow (2022-first term), email, (316) 258-4834
The Rev. Andrew O’Connor (2023-second term), email, (316) 721-8096

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