Liturgy, Music and the Arts Task Force

The Liturgy, Music and the Arts Task Force looks at how these three areas affect the life of our congregations.

To do that, the task force has four sub-groups:

  • Communion in the Absence of a Priest
  • Prayer Book revision
  • Music
  • The Arts

One of the sub-groups, at the direction of Bishop Cathleen Bascom, created a rite entitled “Communion in the Absence of a Priest,” which can be used by designated congregations under trained leaders to allow communion elements consecrated by a priest to be distributed when a congregation is without the services of a priest for an extended period. The sub-group also has been leading training sessions for deacons and lay leaders in congregations that are approved for use of the rite.

The Prayer Book Revision subgroup has been considering documents prepared by the Episcopal Church’s Task Force on Liturgy, which proposes new liturgical resources with more expansive language for God and more inclusive language generally.

The Arts sub-group received approval from the bishop for its Minster Art Project, which asks that every congregation during Lent 2021 identify, or create, a piece of art in any form that expresses the realities of race an injustice. During Eastertide the minster will select one piece of art from among those identified by its their congregations. Each of these 11 art works will be displayed in some form in a variety of contexts in the diocese later in year.

  • Fresh Bread, a twice monthly video podcast, designed to advance spiritual conversations, showcase Christian art and music, and occassionally discuss difficult topics. Presented by St. Michael and All Angels, produced by The Rev. S. David Cox, Derek Dobbels, and Dr. Kenneth Walker, and hosted by George Harter. Find it on St. Michael’s YouTube channel.

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the “Called to Common Mission” agreement between the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America establishing full communion, and the task force will be involved in planning celebrations surrounding that. Current plans are for a joint observance across the diocese during Spring 2022 involving the Episcopal Church, the ELCA, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

For more information contact the task force co-chairs: the Rev. Mary Schrom Breese, or the Very Rev. Torey Lightcap,

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