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DioLog is the biweekly newsletter sent by e-mail (usually) every other week to more than 800 clergy and lay leaders across the diocese and elsewhere.

The next edition of DioLog will be sent to subscribers on Tuesday, May 24.

If you have items to submit, contact Karen Schlabach by email.

Parishes are free to excerpt anything printed in DioLog; attribution that material is reprinted from DioLog is appreciated. Feel free to copy this and make it available to parishioners in whatever way is most useful.

DioLog Past Issues

DioLog for May 10, 2022 –

DioLog for April 26, 2022 –

DioLog for April 12, 2022 –

DioLog for March 29, 2022 –

More past issues are available for download or by contacting the diocesan office.

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