Bishop Kemper School for Ministry

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What had been the Kansas School for Ministry now is part of the Bishop Kemper School for Ministry.

The Bishop Kemper School is a unique theological institution, as it is jointly owned and operated by the Dioceses of Kansas, West Missouri, Nebraska and Western Kansas. The educational schools of each of the dioceses have been merged into the Bishop Kemper School for Ministry.

The school provides education for those in this diocese who are in the process toward ordination as a priest or a deacon, as well as various specialized lay ministries. Additionally, people interested in learning more about particular topics may enroll as special students.

More information about the school is on its website –

Those who will be studying at the Bishop Kemper School as part of their ordination preparation in the Diocese of Kansas must be admitted as a Postulant before enrolling. Information about the ordination process is available on the Ordination Process page.

For more information about the school, contact the dean, the Rev. Dr. Don Compier, by email or by phone at (816) 217-4053.

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