Episcopal Church Women

The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Kansas represent all women in the parishes of this diocese, whether or not they are part of an organized ECW group, by virtue of their baptism and confirmation.

We are committed to one another and called to be witnesses for Christ. Our challenge is to provide a safe place where every person is free to become the person Christ created her to be. We are called. We are different. We are one body.

The purpose of the Episcopal Church Women organization is to assist the women of the Episcopal Church to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world and to take their place as leaders in the life, governance and worship of the church.

The life of Episcopal Church Women begins in the local congregation and continues at the diocesan, provincial and national levels. Each has its own unique characteristics that enable the mission and ministry of women. Episcopal Church Women are an integral part of the Episcopal Church, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Programs of the ECW

Annual Gathering

Each fall ECW sponsors a gathering that combines needed business with spiritually uplifting speakers and worship. It is open to women and men.

Continuing Education grants

The diocesan ECW makes money available for small scholarship/grants to help women with costs associated with continuing education. All women of the diocese are eligible to apply for a grant.

Recipients must be women who are members of a parish in the Diocese of Kansas. Requests for scholarships/grants must be submitted in writing to the Continuing Education chairperson. The form to apply is available in a Word document.

Funding is for adult women to continue their education experiences. Returning to college, community workshops, seminar and convocation educational events, Education for Ministry and Bishop Kemper School for Ministry are examples of approved activities.

One scholarship/grant of up to $100 a year will be awarded to an applicant who meets the criteria. Any one individual will be limited to receiving a maximum of $300 during a 5-year period. Flexibility will be maintained by the committee granting funds.

Send completed applications to Sharon Atherton, 10206 W. 20th, Wichita, KS 67212.

Endowment Fund

The ECW endowment fund, made up of contributions from parishes and individuals, helps finance services for women in all parishes, whether or not they have an organized ECW. As the ECW Endowment Fund grows, the amount needed for assessment to parish women will continue to decrease.

All contributions to the fund are fully deductible as charitable contributions and will be acknowledged promptly. The amount of the contributions will remain confidential.

Contributions should be sent to the Rev. Helen Hoch, 314 N. 3rd St., New Strawn, KS  66839. Telephone (620) 364-8936 or email.

Church Periodical Club

The Church Periodical Club was founded in 1888 by Mary Ann Fargo at the Church of the Holy Communion in New York City. It is an independent, affiliated organization of the Episcopal Church. It is the only organization of the Episcopal Church dedicated solely to providing both religious and secular literature and related materials without charge to those who need and request them and cannot otherwise obtain them.

The Church Periodical Club makes grants through two programs:

The National Books Fund makes grants for printed and audio-visual materials to individuals, churches and organizations affiliated with the Anglican Communion.

The Mile of Pennies Fund began granting funds to children only, preschool through high school, in 1989. In addition to providing printed or taped books and related materials, Miles of Pennies gives grants for the shipping costs of recycled children’s books.

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