Haiti Ministry

St. Michael and All Angels Church in Mission has been involved with St. Paul’s Parish and the community in Torbeck, Haiti, since 1984. The ministry was established after being identified by the bishop of Haiti as “the poorest region of Haiti.”

Torbeck is located on the southern peninsula of Haiti, approximately five miles south of the city of Les Cayes. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is just a one-hour plane ride from Miami.

The focuses of the Haiti Ministry are:

  1. Education of students
  2. Health and environment improvement, and
  3. Community relationship building.

Education of students at St. Paul’s School is the priority and takes the majority of all contributions to the ministry. The school has grown from a one-room shanty to a three-building complex of more than 500 students in preschool through high school, with a staff of 30 adults.

Health and environmental issues such as clean solar energy, safe drinking water, and girls and boys health also are concerns addressed by our ministry.

Likewise, maintaining our relationship with the community of Torbeck and St. Paul’s parishioners is also a rewarding component of our ministry.

Usually, an average of two mission trips per year take place place for adults and youth, but this wasn’t able to take place in 2020.

Mission trips focus on building relationship with the teachers and students, doing work and fun projects together, and providing teacher and health education. Trips generally consist of 8-12 people, last 5-10 days, and cost around $1,500-$2,000 per person. Primary accommodations are in an Episcopal college near Torbeck that has safe food and water, private baths with hot showers, and air conditioning.

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