The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas includes more than 8,500 members in 44 congregations, as well as two social service agencies.

The diocese covers the eastern 40 percent of the state of Kansas, extending as far west as Abilene and Wichita. It also includes the cities of Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan and the entire Kansas City metropolitan area on the Kansas side of the state line.

A list of all our congregations, and a map of their locations, is on our Parishes page.

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We are one of 111 dioceses in the Episcopal Church, which has a membership of about 2 million people in the United States and 17 other countries. We’re also part of the Anglican Communion, joining us with some 70 million people around the world who trace their lineage to the Church of England.

A diocese is the geographic area overseen by a bishop. The word “episcopal” comes from the Greek word for bishop, meaning an overseer.

About our bishop:

Bishop Cathleen Chittenden Bascom was ordained and consecrated as the 10th bishop of the diocese on Saturday, March 2, 2019, at Grace Cathedral, Topeka.

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About our seal

diocesan seal

A seal for the Diocese of Kansas first was created in 1897 and has seen a few revisions since then. This version was created in 2004.

It is placed in a “vesica piscis,” or pointed oval, conventionally representing a fish. The name of the diocese and its founding date of 1859 are placed in the upper half of the border. The bottom portion contains the motto of the diocese: In Cruce Solum Nobis Ancora, Latin for “The cross alone is our anchor.”

Reflecting the motto, the center features a large anchor cross, flanked by the Greek letters alpha and omega. The Bible calls Jesus Christ the alpha and omega, meaning the first and the last.

Above is a mitre, the ceremonial hat worn only by bishops, to indicate that the diocese is an episcopal church.

Our mission statement

The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas is to gather, equip and send disciples of Jesus Christ to witness to God’s reconciling love.

Diocesan history

The diocese was founded in 1859, nearly two years before Kansas statehood, and until 1901 it encompassed the entire state. The eastern and western portions were split in 1901, and the western section now is the Diocese of Western Kansas.

Find out more about the previous bishops of Kansas.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, here’s a video produced for the diocese’s 150th anniversary in 2009.

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