Diocesan Directory

The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas publishes the Diocesan Directory with the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese and the Journal of the Annual Convention in September each year. The document linked below is a digital version of the directory only. It is updated as needed throughout the year and made available to clergy. A password is required to view the directory, and has been sent via e-mail.

The password was changed with the April 13, 2022 edition, if you need it please call, e-mail, or text Karen Schlabach or the Diocesan Office, 785-235-9255.

Note that many vestry officers change-over in January/February during annual meetings. We will update the directory with the correct people as soon as parishes submit their annual reports.

Please bookmark this page rather than saving the PDF document, because when there are updates to the directory, a new version will be posted here.

To obtain the password or request changes to the directory, please call, text, or e-mail The Rev. Karen Schlabach, Digital Missioner, at or 913-708-5927. 

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