Check-out photos of the Minster Art Project

Art tells our story. It is personal, and you decide what matters. It shows forth visually what we say with our minds and our voices. Last year, Bishop Bascom proposed an art project involving the use of various media, chosen by the minsters of the Diocese of Kansas, each depicting some visual portrayal of resistance art, social justice, political action, protest art and anti-racism. 

The purpose was to get people involved in opening their eyes to the injustices that are everywhere: small towns, churches, signs, big cities and so forth. In essence it was an educational endeavor designed to bring greater awareness to the question, “Who is my neighbor?”. It is “The Way of Love” in action. Social justice awareness, education and action on the part of the people of the Diocese of Kansas are the ultimate goals. Finally, this all is designed to make people aware of the suffering of others by doing something not just talking about it.  

These pieces were displayed at the Gathering of Clergy and Diocesan Convention.

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