Bishop announces guidelines to re-open churches

Beginning Sunday, May 24, Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Kansas may open. No church is required to open until clergy and lay leaders discern it is safe to do so.

Summary of guidelines for churches in the Diocese of Kansas

  • Churches may resume in-person worship on May 24, unless local authorities require a later date for group gatherings
  • No church is required to resume worship in their building, and I will support whatever a church decides is in the best interest of its members
  • Requirements of state and local officials on the number of people who can gather must be observed
  • Everyone in church must keep 6 feet apart; family groups may sit together but remain 6 feet from other groups or individuals
  • Churches need to mark their worship space to indicate seating that is 6 feet apart
  • Everyone other than small children must wear a mask that covers their nose and chin
  • Churches must keep a register of names of people attending in-person services for possible future contact tracing
  • Services can include instrumental or recorded music, but no live singing
  • No food or drink is to be offered at coffee hour
  • Consider options for worship, both in-person and online (Morning Prayer, Spiritual Communion, Eucharist in one kind)

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