Bishop Bascom challenges Kansas Episcopalians to reduce carbon footprint

“‘God so loved the world that he gave his only son …’ is not a pious platitude or a simple religious refrain. It is a declaration of God’s purpose and mission in the world from the beginning to this very day. “God so loved the world.” That’s not just about us who are human. It’s about the whole of God’s grand and glorious Creation….If we follow Jesus and his way of love, then we strive to love as God loves, to give as God gives, to care as God cares. And that means caring for God’s Creation, all of it, and all of us.” ~Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Stories from anglicans around the communion underline real impacts of climate change. An outstanding resource launched by the Diocese of California, and now in use across the Episcopal Church, provides a tool to support individuals, households, congregations and dioceses to discover their carbon footprint and then take measurable actions toward more sustainable living. The app is organized around life choices clustered in five main areas. The choices range from Easy to Hard – everyone will find something here. 

I would like to invite every congregation in our diocese to register and use this tool as a means to deepen our faithful commitment to the care of creation. As an extra incentive I’d like to challenge our churches to a friendly competition to see who can show the most progress, relative to the number of individuals and households participating from each church. As a prize the diocese will offer a $500 gift toward the purchase of trees or a new water cooler. Learn more about Sustain Island Home and encourage people in your congregation to register. 

When you create an account, it asks you what parish you belong to. As of October 28, 52 people have already signed up, create your account now!

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